751G.00/7–2154: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 709. Repeated information Paris 124, Saigon 93, Hanoi 6, Tokyo 12, London 26, Moscow 15, Vientiane 7, Phnom Penh 12. Following are revisions to declaration sent Secto 698:1

Date was changed to 21st of July.

On paragraph 4 last sentence should read: “The conference also takes note of the declarations made by the Governments of Cambodia and Laos of their resolution not to request foreign aid, whether in war material, in personnel or in instructors except for the purpose of the effective defense of their territory and, in the case of Laos, to the extent defined by the agreements on the cessation of hostilities in Laos.”

[Page 1495]

Last sentence of paragraph 5 should read as follows: “The conference also takes note of the declarations of the Governments of Cambodia and Laos to the effect that they will not join in any agreement with other states if this agreement includes the obligation to participate in a military alliance not in conformity with the principles of the charter of the United Nations or, in the case of Laos, with the principles of the agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Laos or, so long as their security is not threatened, the obligation to establish bases on Cambodian or Laotian territory for the military forces of foreign powers.”

No other deletions or additions.2 Please note, however, that due to translation differences secretariat documents as issued will differ in wording and use of phrasing although not in substance from US delegation translations contained in, for example, Sectos 692, 693, 694 and 695.3

Further, last two sentences of paragraph 7 should read as follows: “In order to ensure that sufficient progress in the restoration of peace has been made, and that all the necessary conditions obtained for free expression of the national will, general elections shall be held in July 1956, under the supervision of an international commission composed of representatives of the member states of the International Supervisory Commission, referred to in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities. Consultations will be held on this subject between the competent representative authorities of the two zones from 20 April 1955 onwards.”

  1. Dated July 21, p. 1485.
  2. In telegram Secto 726, July 22, the U.S. Delegation sent the following additional revisions: “Six-nation Secretariat advises that translation recheck revised text declaration sent Sectos 698 and 709: First sentence paragraph 6 insert ‘is a provisional line and’ between ‘line’ and ‘should’.” (751G.00/7–2254)
  3. All dated July 20, pp. 1482, 1483, and 1484.