751G.00/7–2154: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 708. Repeated information Paris 123, Saigon 91. Following is unofficial translation of note from French to Vietnamese delegation which was given us by French this morning; Vietnamese have asked that it be made a conference document, which French are now considering:1

The Government of the French Republic has undertaken to with-bring a full and complete satisfaction to the aspirations of the Vietnamese people, confirms that it will settle its relations with Vietnam in conformity with the principles of Public International Law through bilateral agreements on the basis of respect for the independence, unity, and territorial integrity of Vietnam.

The Government of the French Republic has undertaken to withdraw its troops from the territory of Vietnam at the request of the Government of the State of Vietnam, and the final act of the Geneva Conference has solemnly verified this.

The Government of the French Republic agrees to submit any possible disagreement on the transfers of authority and of services or on the execution of the above treaties to arbitration, the arbiter being in each case designated by agreement between the two governments. In case of disagreement in this choice, each government will designate one arbiter, and the two arbiters thus named will choose the third arbiter.”

  1. This document did not become a conference document.