751G.00/7–2054: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 690. Final agreed text conference declaration compares as follows with text contained Secto 684.1

  • Articles 1 through 4—No change.
  • Article 5—In second sentence instead of “or with the principles of the agreements on the cessation of hostilities in Indochina” final text reads “or with the principles of the agreement on the cessation of hostilities”.
  • Article 6—Insert word “provisional” before “military demarcation line”.
  • Article 7—First sentence—no change.

    We do not yet have final agreed text of remainder of this article although we understand no change in election date of July 20, 1956 is contemplated.

  • Article 8—No change.
  • New Article 9 contains text given in note appearing as final paragraph of reftel. Instead of “persecution of persons” insert “reprisals against persons”.
  • New Article 10 (Article 9 in Secto 684). This article now reads “the conference takes note of the declaration of the government of the French Republic in accordance with which the latter is prepared to withdraw its troops from the territories of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam at the request of the governments concerned within the periods which will be fixed by agreement by the parties, except for the cases where, through agreement between the two parties, a certain quantity of French troops may be left in agreed points and for agreed periods.”
  • New Article 11—Same as first paragraph of Article 10 of Secto 684 except that instead of “the independence and the sovereignty, the unity and territorial integrity of the Governments of Cambodia, of Laos and of Vietnam” insert, “the independence and the sovereignty, the unity and the territorial integrity of Cambodia, of Laos and of Vietnam”.
  • New Article 12—Same as second paragraph of Article 10 in Secto 684.
  • Article 13—This article now reads: “the members of the conference agree to consult together on any question which will be transmitted to them by the international control commissions, in order to study the measures which might appear necessary to insure observance of the agreements on the cessation of hostilities in Cambodia, in Laos and in Vietnam.”
  1. Dated July 20, p. 1474.