919.537/7–2351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Panama


48. Proposed terms decree (Emtel 49, Jul 23) place emphasis strategic cargo re control movement Pan ships commie ports. Deptel 398 Jun 4 sought outright ban visit Pan ships such ports as only effective means control traffic. DepCirtel those offices representing Pan re shipping quoted to you in Deptel 3 Jul 21 and based urtel 672 Jun 301 placed emphasis traffic commie ports irrespective strategic or non-strategic nature cargo. This position reaffirmed Emtel 17, Jul 9.1 Does proposed decree contemplate penalty only when strategic cargo concerned? If so, what guidance will Pan give on what is strategic and what is not? Dept desires reiterate belief effective measures shld ban visits commie ports irrespective cargo.2

  1. Not printed.
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  4. In telegram 64, from Panama City, July 29, 1951, Ambassador John C. Wiley, who had been appointed Ambassador on June 20 and had arrived in Panama on July 17, stated in part that he would “endeavor promptly obtain broadening of decree in line with Deptel 48 July 26”. (919.537/7–2951)