919.537/7–2351: Telegram

The Chargé in Panama (Wise) to the Secretary of State


49. Spoke FonMin again noon today re Pan flag shipping saying we very appreciative prompt action being taken Pan Govt with respect individual ships found dealing in cargo for Commie China and North Korea adding strongly, however, that it would appear be in best interest Pan Govt to issue contemplated decree (see last para Embtel 29 July 14)1 soonest.

[Page 1553]

FonMin replied he doing everything within his power get Cab agreement, particularly Min Fin Treas on proposed decree which if promulgated as drafted will (1) demand payment fine on any Pan flagship which loads strategic cargo; (2) permit any ship proceed provided it unloads such cargo and (3) authorize cancellation registry if cargo not unloaded.

I explained to FonMin that Dept had just been successful in avoiding bad publicity on Pan flag shipping and that Cab might wish expedite action in hope avoiding adverse publicity which cannot be prevented indefinitely.

Min desires that Dept issue publicity deemed appropriate including names ships on which action and type action already taken and stating FonMin advises decree under consideration to be issued soon.

FonMin says Pan honorary Con Linares (Hong Kong telegram to Dept July 10)2 has been relieved his duties and that Department may so publicize.

FonMin appears quite embarrassed delay issuance decree but unable yet work draft through Cab. Emb pressing matter urgently through channels other than FonOff. Will report further soonest.

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