782.5/8–2351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil


203. In talks 22nd1 Goes emphasized need Brazil develop econ and industrial strength as essential support mil program. Seemed satisfied however our explanation re activities Joint Comm Econ Development and its role helping obtain financing from lending institutions in US. Stated he is not thinking in terms another agreement econ assistance and any mil agreement wld not include econ and financial aspects. In spite this assurance there is possibility he will return later to questions econ or industrial development aid. He desires list advantages to accrue Brazil through mil participation Korea explaining he wants present concrete advantages to his Govt which needs all propaganda ammunition possible to use in influencing public opinion.

Goes also suggested possible secret agreement similar basically 1942 Agreement2 but brought up to date.

Goes now leaving talks up to mil group mentioned in second para Deptel 191 Aug 21.3 Brazil mil Attaché Col. Queiroz will be responsible Brazil side discussions. Goes holding himself available. Not planning return Brazil until Sept.

  1. A memorandum of this conversation between General Sibert, General G6es Monteiro, and others, by Mr. Kidder, dated August 22, 1951, is filed under decimal file number 732.5811/8–2251.
  2. For information on the negotiation of the political-military agreement between the United States and Brazil, which had been entered into by an exchange of notes dated May 23 and May 27, 1942, at Rio de Janeiro, see Stetson Conn and Byron Fairchild, The Framework of Hemisphere Defense (Washington, 1960), pp. 317–319, in the series United States Army in World War II: The Western Hemisphere.
  3. Supra.