732.5/8–2151: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil


191. At mtg Goes Monteiro, Gen Sibert, Sanders, and Kidder Aug 20,1 Goes outlined Braz order mil priorities within which we might be able find solution problem Braz’s desire meet UN commitments and send troops Korea. Order priorities is (1) internal security; (2) hemisphere defense; and (3) preparation mil unit meet other international obligations and be at disposal UN.

Goes proposed immed recommend to his Govt that it (1) approve Inter-Amer Defense Bd plan;2 (2) consider revitalization JBUSMC and JBUS Defense Bd with functions expanded along lines those in effect during war; (3) consider joint mtg reps of two Comms, including reps State and FonOff, to work on details implementation any plans agreed upon; and (4) immed commence formation mil unit which cld fight anywhere outside continent. According to Goes, any publicity re formation mil unit wld necessarily picture it as for hemisphere defense but secret plan wld envisage use outside continent at disposal UN. Depending on conclusions reached at current talks, unit wld be up to one Div and cld include air and navy elements. Goes suggested Sibert meet with three mil Attaches Braz Emb and with his aide, Col Sardenberg, work out details. Meeting sched Aug 24.3

Sibert told Goes that US cld not equip proposed Braz mil unit unless Braz moved to top category our defense priority scheme; that to effect this we must have agreement (1) stating unit being prepared for Korea and (2) setting forth size of unit and time limit on period preparation. Goes replied agreement wld have to be secret, that unit wld be up to a Div, and preparation wld require minimum six months. [Page 1217] He plans make further recommendations his Govt as soon as informal agreement reached Wash.

Balance 2½ hr talk devoted largely full, clear exposition by Goes of reasons for Braz’s system priorities, including frank statement Vargas’ need consolidate position. Goes states, although realizing problem is mil, and econ aid matters presently being centered in Jt Comm Rio, there are complementary remarks re econ aid he wishes make as econ factors basic; this is to subj third meeting Aug 22.

Urtels 257 and 2634 extremely useful.

  1. A memorandum of this conversation, by Mr. Kidder, dated August 20, 1951, not printed, is filed under Department of State decimal file number 732.5811/8–2051.
  2. Apparent reference to the Inter-American Common Defense Scheme, approved by the Inter-American Defense Board, October 27, 1950, and by the Department of State, January 15, 1951; for information, see Secretary Marshall’s letter to Secretary Acheson, December 16, 1950, Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. i, p. 679.
  3. During late August and September, General Sibert met frequently with Brazilian military representatives to draft a military understanding between the United States and Brazil, which would include provision for a Brazilian contribution of armed forces for service in Korea. Mr. Edward A. Jamison, Officer in Charge of Special Political Problems, Office of Regional American Affairs, attended these meetings. Documents pertaining to the negotiations are in several Department of State decimal files, principally 732.5, 732.5–MSP, 732.5811, and 795B.5.
  4. Neither printed.