Editorial Note

By an exchange of notes, dated March 2 and March 27, 1951, at Washington, the United States and Argentina agreed to extend for a period of one year from its date of expiration the Military Aviation Mission Agreement of June 29, 1940, which, after several extensions, had expired on June 29, 1950. Copies of the notes are filed under decimal numbers 735.58/3–251 and 735.58/3–1651. For the text of the 1940 agreement, see Department of State Executive Agreement Series (EAS) No. 175, or 54 Stat. 2320.

On October 12, the Argentine Embassy informed the Department of State by note that the Argentine government had decided to dispense with the Military Aviation Mission (735.58/10–1151); on December 17 the Department of State received a confirmatory note, dated December 12, to that effect (735.58/12–1251).