320/1–2452: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly (Roosevelt) to the Secretary of State


Delga 1171. Re Gadel 734 re Indians in South Africa. Sentence on which Dept requests clarification shld read as follows:

“If SYG Lie undertakes his efforts get parties together without specific ref to comite resolution there might be hope for resumption of discussion.”

We understand Jordan’s remark to mean Govt of South African Union wld be willing cooperate with SYG in his efforts get parties together provided he does not base his efforts on a GA Res. This coincides with past attitude of Union Govt that it is willing enter discussion with Indian Govt at any time outside UN and without recognizing UN Res as basis for discussions.

In conversation with USGADel staff member on Jan 21, Jooste said South Africa still remains ready to negotiate with India and Pak, in Capetown, Karachi, New Delhi or anywhere else on basis of still valid Capetown agrmt, i.e., on basis that problem of Indians in SA shld be discussed at round-table conference and there should be no limitation on questions which either side puts on agenda. If SYG, under GA Res, approaches SA, this is reply they intend make. SA will not negotiate on basis of GA Resolutions themselves. Jooste said this offer cannot remain open indefinitely.