320/1–1352: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )


Gadel 734. Re Indians in SoAf Delga 1007. In analyzing large vote this year Dept believes fol factors also important: 1) fact that not until plenary did US indicate support for similar Res last year; 2) irritation over failure SAfr be more forthcoming re solution SWAfr question; 3) resentment over SAfr partial GA walkout.

Clarify Jordan remark that “if SYG Lie undertakes his efforts get parties together with specific ref to Comite Res there might be hope for resumption of discussion”. Dept also interested any indications Jordan line of thinking might be shared by Jooste or Donges.1

  1. Respectively, G. P. Jooste, South African Ambassador to the United States and Vice-chairman of the Union’s Delegation to the General Assembly, and T. E. Donges, South African Minister of the Interior and Chairman of the Union Delegation.