320/12–2051: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly (Roosevelt) to the Secretary of State

Delga 754. Re Indians in South Africa. Dels of Burma, India, Indonesia, Iran and Iraq introduced fol draft res in ad hoc pl comite today: sixth session.

Ad hoc political committee.

Agenda item 25.

Treatment of people of Indian origin in the Union of South Africa—Burma, India, Indonesia, Iran and Iraq:

Draft resolution—

The General Assembly.

Recalling its resolutions 44 (I), 265 (III) and 395 (V), relating to the treatment of people of Indian origin in the Union of South Africa, having considered that the Government of the Union of South Africa has been unable up to the present time to accept the General Assembly resolution 395 (V) as a basis for a round-table conference,

[Page 856]

Noting that the promulgation on 30 March 1951 of five proclamations under the group areas act rendering operative thereby the provisions of the act in direct contravention of paragraph 3 of resolution 395 (V) having in mind its resolution 103 (I) of 19 November 1946 and against racial persecution and discrimination, and its resolution 217 (III) dated 10 December 1948 relating to the universal declaration of human rights,

Considering that a policy of “racial segregation” (apartheid) is necessarily based on doctrines of racial discrimination:

Recommends that a commission of three members be established for the purpose of assisting the parties, namely the Governments of India, Pakistan and the Union of South Africa, in carrying through appropriate negotiations; the said commission being composed of one member to be nominated by the Government of the Union of South Africa, another to be nominated by the Governments of India and Pakistan and the third to be nominated by the other two members, or in default of agreement between these two in reasonable time, by the Secretary General of the United Nations,

Calls upon the Governments of the Union of South Africa, India, and Pakistan to nominate member within 60 days from the date of adoption of this resolution,

Calls upon the Government of the Union of South Africa to suspend the implementation of enforcement of the provisions of the group areas act pending the conclusion of the negotiations,

Decides to include this item in the agenda of the next regular session of the General Assembly.