320/8–351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Union of South Africa


43. Dept believes procedures suggested para four Embtel 38 Aug 3, wld not be acceptable necessary majority members UN who wld regard nomination of body, which presumably comparable Comite rather than Comm in Ad Hoc Comite draft, as irregular and impracticable. Unlikely that non-administering members who constitute large majority UN wld agree to complete exclusion from body. Moreover, inclusion non-administering members probably advantageous since wld obviate adverse criticism which wld certainly arise in GA if reports approved [Page 690]by body composed entirely administering countries. Furthermore US position based on respect for ICJ advisory opinion and Dept doubtful suggested procedure consistent with this position. Therefore, substance para four shld not be put forward as US suggestion nor shld SA be encouraged advance such suggestion. Dept believes no deviation from Comite proposal shld be put forward at this time in order avoid possible misunderstanding between Union and Comite.