320/8–1151: Telegram

The Chargé in the Union of South Africa (Connelly) to the Secretary of State


46. Cabinet has made decision on South West Africa (reEmbtel 38 August 3) FonOff Secy Forsyth told one of my colleagues several days ago. Reply to ad hoc comite’s July 11 ltr to Jooste now being drafted will:

Reiterate Union’s willingness enter agreement with US, UK and France as remaining principal allied and associated powers.
Be based on provisions League Nations mandate.
Provide for any two of three powers to take a disputed point to ICJ.

Forsyth reported as saying while report’s petitions will not be submitted to any UN body Union reply will still “leave door open” for further negotiations. Copies Union reply will be given US, UK, France for info.

While above comes second-hand we have no reason doubt it represents present position. Will check with Forsyth earliest opportunity.