350/6–2951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


1029. Re: Ewe Problem. Urtel 1731 June 27.

1. On general question tactics Dept believes US can be most helpful by devoting efforts to reconciling views this problem in TC in order arrive at generally acceptable solution. This was role US performed successfully on same question last session. If US to act similar capacity this session we shld not, in order have room negotiate, push Brit and Fr into submitting proposal containing maximum to which they can agree. On other hand proposal shld not be so weak as to be rejected by members TC as basis for action.

2. This respect Dept considers Brit-Fr memo as minimum but as basis on which procede. Chief difficulty wld appear be that memo will be regarded as negative and defensive. Correction this wld require extensive revision memo to build up positive character proposal for new commission in terms need for and role it to perform. Brit and Fr likely consider time insufficient such revision. One helpful revision which cld be made wld be change impression given by statement quoted para l[2]a reftel that door closed to political unification. Although this may be fact, wld be difficult for TC to endorse statement this time. You might also suggest Annexes to memo be issued separately since [Page 579] they tend indicate reliance Brit and Fr chiefly on views of Consultative Commission boycotted by Ewes and detract from claim that Ewe views given due consideration in preparation memo.

3. If US to follow course outlined para 1 above US wld reserve public comment until other members TC react. Task then wld be work out with Brit and Fr and with key pro-Ewe members TC suitable proposals strengthen role of new Commission. Granting of some degree financial responsibility only promising step this direction now apparent. Some such steps wld seem necessary to differentiate new Commission from previous Consultative Commission.

4. Re last sentence para 21 memo, suggest you inquire Brit and Fr when details for giving effect to proposal wld be available, since matters such as composition of commission wld be important.