350/6–2751: Telegram

The Deputy United States Representative at the United Nations (Gross) to the Secretary of State


1731. For Gerig.

UKDel gave us advance copy Anglo-Fr memo to TC re Ewe and allied petitions which two dels expect submit council when it considers Ewe problem. Memo pouched Dept tonight.1
Most important provisions memo follow:
Two administering authorities have reached conclusion as result consultation with people of territories and subsequent joint examination of problem by administering authorities: “It has been proved no alteration boundaries or political allegiance can be proposed which commands general assent peoples of two territories or even agreement of majority.” Administering authorities satisfied no change this nature can be undertaken “which does not raise fresh set problems, whether political, economic or fiscal, in place those which they are now considering.”
Administering authorities believe consultative commission has served purpose and should be succeeded by new organization of continuing nature which should be “meeting place of representatives peoples .of two Togolands wherein views on development of respective territories can be exchanged and coordinated and measures of development in every field harmonized.”
Foregoing organization would advise two administering authorities on “planning and implementation of program of development, economic and social, in light available resources and on all other practical questions relating to preservation close connection between peoples on each side of frontier.”
Fr and UK would appreciate US views on memo at meeting administering powers 10: 30 a, m., June 28 to discuss question/When informed difficulty submitting US views by that time Fr said even “preliminary action” would be helpful in view short time before Ewe question scheduled for consideration by TC.
Dept’s instructions requested.

  1. Not printed.