830/9–1051: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)1


134. Re election to fill Yugo SC seat: As reported Deptel 47, July 20, Dept opposes the election of a Soviet satellite to fill SC seat being vacated by Yugo and wld be prepared support Greece if latter cld obtain sufficient support. Since your discussions with several other Dels have shown that Greece may not receive strong support, we are willing consider possibility other non-Sov candidate. Lebanon, Thailand, or Ethiopia might be possible compromise candidate.

It is important that agreement, if possible, among the US, UK, and others re election to fill Yugo seat be reached soonest. Pls inquire urgently of UKDel whether its FonOff has yet responded to its inquiry re compromise candidate. Further, in discussions pursuant Deptel 47, pls ascertain views other key Dels re possible alternative non-Sov candidate.

  1. Repeated for Information to Athens as 1213.