700.001/3–1551: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations ( Gross ) to the Secretary of State


1283. Re World Peace Council (WPC) Delegation. Following is unofficial translation (from French) of letter received by SYG Lie, dated Paris, March 8, from WPC President, M. Joliot Curie:

“The second Congress of Peace approved an appeal addressed to the United Nations containing proposals with a view to maintaining the peace of the world. The text of this appeal was sent to you by telegram and your secretariat acknowledged receipt under date of December 5, 1950. The World Council for Peace, which is an outgrowth of the Congress, held its first meeting in Berlin between 21 and 26 February. It was decided to send a delegation to the UN to deal with the different points of this appeal and the decisions of the council with regard to this appeal. This delegation will be composed of the following [Page 464] people: Sr. Nenni (Italy), Mme. Isabel Blume (Belgium), Mrs. S. O. Davies (Great Britain), Mrs. Jesse Street (Australia), M. d’Astier de la Vigerie (France), Mr. Tikhonov (USSR), Mr. Yao Tsung-wu (CPR), Mr. Hromadka (Czechoslovakia), Mr. d’Arbous-sier (Black Africa), Sr. Neruda (Chile), Gen. Jara (Mexico), Paul Robeson, The Rev. Uphaus (USA), Dr. Atal (India).

“The gravity of the international situation and the absolute necessity to put forth all our efforts to avoid new conflict compels me to ask you to receive this delegation without delay, and I beg of you to let me know what date will be convenient.”

Lie via Cordier replied briefly by letter dated March 15, as follows:

“The Secretary-General has asked me to state in response to your letter of March 8 he hopes to meet your delegation at some point in Europe—perhaps Paris, Geneva, Rome—in the course of the trip he plans to take in the near future. I will communicate with you again soon with regard to the exact time and place.”