310.361/3–1451: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State


1660. Re Deptel 559, March 9.1 Oleschuk February 27 lecture, “The USSR as the leading force of the democratic camp—the struggle of the USSR for the peace and security of the peoples”, commented on militaristic activities US in Germany and Japan, although those peoples against war, and portrayed USSR as not fearing co-existence, since growth working class movement would ensure end of capitalist system.

Oleschuk then reported as stating that aggressive bloc (in UN) of 30 powers had obstructed every proposal for preserving peace. Therefore, on initiative of USSR, the World Peace Movement had been formed. Peace Council appeal constitutes a second warning to [Page 463] UN to carry out her chief function—preserving peace. If warning has no results, and UN continues to serve cause of US aggression, then peace loving countries would have to leave it, since they could not uphold its authority by participation. Oleschuk also quoted as remarking that USSR no longer stands alone, but enjoys support of 10 democratic countries and also of World Wide Peace Partisans.

Inference foregoing somewhat different from that of Deptel 559, in that Oleschuk portrays Council appeal as second warning, which UN must heed or face secession (rather than making Soviet bloc action contingent on actual reception accorded by UN to specific Peace Council delegation). Thus, CP SU will judge whether UN is heeding warning and ceasing to support US aggression.

Since creation Peace Council last November, Embassy has felt that body would be and was being developed as potential rival UN, to be used only when and if USSR deems desirable. If public pressure able to achieve conclusion big five peace pact Soviets may resume support UN. If results are otherwise, Soviet bloc may choose to leave over dramatic incident in which delegations of simple peace loving people of world (Robeson, Uphaus, et al.) unable to receive proper hearing or even admission at UN. Noteworthy WPC set no definite date for its delegation to UN.

Oleschuk reported Deputy Chief of Propaganda Department of party Control Committee. He is not member of Soviet Peace Committee elected at second Soviet conference for peace, or of World Peace Council. He was not reported as attending WPC Berlin session.

  1. See footnote 2, p. 461.