320/11–1951: Telegram

The Secretary of State 1 to the Acting Secretary of State


Delga 260. For Hickerson2 (UNA) and Ingram (UNI) from Hall.3 Re contributions. Essential contributions position be presented delegation week Nov 19. In absence Congressional consultations and [Page 173] based upon discussions Congressmen Vorys and Mansfield4 USGADel advisers believe positions stated in SD/A/C.5/170 must be modified as fols:

US shld propose contributions comite report be referred to a subcomite with instructions so to revise report as to reduce US contribution to 33⅓ percent and to increase contributions of countries presently under-assessed sufficiently to offset decrease in US contribution.

If this position is not accepted US shld vote against comite report to comply with appropriation statute and state that del has no authority to commit in any way US Govt to payment of any contribution in excess of one third of total cost of UN during fiscal year 1952.

This position is subj to approval of USGADel but represents maximum which Congressmen Vorys and Mansfield feel can be presented to Congress in absence of Congressional consultation required by Appropriation Act. Need reply by 9 a.m. Wed Paris time.5 [Hall.]

  1. The Secretary of State was in Paris at this time serving as Chairman of the U.S. Delegation to the General Assembly. The session convened in Paris on November 6.
  2. John D. Hickerson, Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs.
  3. William O. Hall, Director of the Office of International Administration and Conferences and member of the Advisory Staff of the U.S. Delegation.
  4. John M. Vorys and Michael J. Mansfield, of the House of Representatives, members of the U.S. Delegation.
  5. Notation at the end of the telegram: “No legal obstacle to voting for report. Disastrous to vote against it. Least should be abstain. Recognize essentially prolem of Congress[ional] relat[ion]s.”