765.5 MAP/9–2050

Memorandum by the Deputy Director of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program ( Ohly ) to the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs ( Perkins )


Subject: Italian Peace Treaty

The MDAP Monthly General Report from Embassy Rome, covering the month of August 1950 (Embassy Despatch 908, dated September [Page 1521] 20, 19501) stresses the importance of a uniform approach by all elements of the U.S. Government, and impliedly by all NATO governments, toward general and specific Italian Peace Treaty questions. Specifically, the report makes the following comments and suggestions:

“The tendency of the Italians to use the present situation as a lever to pry the lid off Peace Treaty limitations has intensified. In the judgment of the Embassy it is very important that there be complete coordination between the Department, U.S. representatives on NATO organizations in London and Paris, and this Embassy with reference to both general and specific Peace Treaty questions. Otherwise the U.S. will beset with constant confusion in the Italian program, resulting from efforts of the Italians to get different answers in different forums.”

I call this matter to your attention for such action as you may deem appropriate, since I concur fully in the importance attached to this problem by our Embassy in Rome.

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