700.00(S)/3–1350: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Offices 1

top secret

Infotel. Emb Brussels reports2 that Belgian Premier Eyskens has expressed view that western Germany should be rearmed and that no further time should be wasted in dallying with situation. He said it is absurd to think of present day Germany as source of aggressive action against western powers and that while he has no affection for Germans, western Germany must be used as bulwark against only visible danger, i.e. USSR. He observed that without German participation defense of western Europe is impossible and that armed German force would provide at least partial solution for German unemployment problem. While Eyskens made it clear that this was his personal view and not Belgian govt view, Murphy3 believes it represents private opinion of other leading Belgians.

  1. Sent to Copenhagen, The Hague, Moscow, Oslo, and Stockholm.
  2. Telegram 374, March 10, not printed.
  3. Robert D. Murphy, U.S. Ambassador in Belgium.