330/8–2950: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Lebanon


163. US has decided, reurtel 134 August 29,1 support Turkey for SC succeed Egypt. While US has high regard Lebanon’s contribution UN, firm US commitment Turkey makes it impossible support Lebanon. In accordance usual policy US has informed other govts its intention support Turkey. While this position must necessarily affect Lebanese candidacy adversely, we are not making any statements re Lebanese qualifications SC post.

You may wish point out FonOff Arab states have continuously held SC seat since 1946 (Egypt, 1946; Syria, 1947–8; Egypt, 1949–1950); that US considers SC seat shld be open other candidates from area; and US support for Turkey partially predicated upon these considerations. (See Deptcirgram April 22.)

Lebanese Leg here advised in above sense Aug. 4.

  1. The Minister in Lebanon (Pinkerton) had reported an official request from the Lebanese Foreign Office, that the United States not work actively against a Lebanese candidacy. (330/8–2950)