Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Ward P. Allen of the Bureau of European Affairs


Participants: Mr. Gerald Meade, British Embassy
Mr. Michael Walker, British Embassy
Mr. D. Sandifer, UNA1
Mr. Ward P. Allen, EUR

Mr. Meade on instructions presented an official request from Mr. Bevin for US support for Sir Zafrullah Khan and emphasized that his high caliber and experience eminently qualified him for the post. Mr. Meade remarked that an additional qualification is the fact that Sir Zafrullah would probably be treated with more respect by the Soviet Union than would Entezam, due to Soviet desire to woo Pakistan and their tendency to be harsh with the Persians. Mr. Meade reported that, in addition to the support of the Commonwealth (except Australia about which he had no information and India which was negative), some Latin American states, the Arab states and some others, the Philippines had now decided to support Sir Zafrullah and Romulo has agreed to seek to persuade all those who attended the Baguio Conference to do likewise.

Mr. Sandifer responded that we were glad to have the UK views and will give them the fullest consideration in reaching our decision, although when the decision will be made he could not say. He remarked that prior to the time that Sir Zafrullah’s candidacy had reached its present proportions, we had been favorably disposed to Entezam, adding that there is no question but that both men are very well qualified for the post.

  1. Durward V. Sandifer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for United Nations Affairs.