320/10–2450: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary of State


Delga 177. Re Delga 172, October 23. Second meeting this afternoon with same countries represented. Canada, Lebanon, Australia agreed to abandon idea of amending Soviet resolution and to accept substitute. Revised proposed substitute Soviet resolution “strengthening peace” as follows:

“The General Assembly

Recognizing the profound desire of all mankind to live in enduring peace and security,

Confident that, if all governments faithfully reflect this desire and observe their obligations under the Charter, such lasting peace and security can be established,

Solemnly reaffirming that, whatever the weapons used, any aggression, whether committed openly or by fomenting civil strife, is the gravest of all crimes against peace and security throughout the world,

Determines that for the realization of lasting peace and security it is indispensable:

That prompt united action be taken against aggression,
That every nation agree
To accept effective international control of atomic energy under the UN on the basis already approved by the GA in order to make effective the prohibition of atomic weapons,
To regulate all armaments and armed forces under a UN sysstem of control and inspection, with a view to their gradual reduction.

Declares that these goals can be attained if all the members of the UN demonstrate by their deeds their will to achieve peace.”

UK, France, Mexico and Lebanon indicated they may co-sponsor and would inform Goedhart tomorrow. Plan to introduce resolution tomorrow afternoon. Staff believes consideration be given to US sponsorship if enough other countries join and will raise question tomorrow’s del meeting.

India intends to introduce proposal under Soviet agenda item “strengthening peace” for UN peace fund (see text Delga 178)1 in order to stimulate discussion, but is prepared to withdraw it with a view to possible introduction at later session GA if a short reference [Page 425] to subject is inserted in Netherlands proposal. Goedhart indicated possibility of adding paragraph 2(c) above text along following lines: “to devote resources saved as result of disarmament to efforts to raise standard of living everywhere.” This would be agreeable to Rau.

Department may wish to relay to Moscow.

  1. Not printed.