IO Files: US/A/C.1/2144/Rev. 1

United States Delegation Working Paper


Staff Views on Substitute Resolution on Soviet Item

(Draft of October 17)

declaration of peace and freedom

The General Assembly

Voicing the intense desire of all peoples to live in peace and freedom,

Concerned by the threat to peace and freedom presented by the aggression against the Republic of Korea and the danger of aggression elsewhere,

Convinced that aggression by whatever means is the chief crime against humanity,

Determined to preserve the integrity of free nations by preventing such aggression, direct or indirect,

Conscious of its obligation to encourage sincere and enduring international collaboration and to strengthen machinery of the United Nations by such means as are provided for in its resolution … (V) entitled “Uniting for Peace,”

Aware that the prevention of aggression is not by itself adequate to assure lasting peace and freedom,

Reaffirms its resolution 290 (IV) entitled “Essentials of Peace”, and calls upon all Members of the United Nations to carry out that resolution,

Proclaims on behalf of the peoples of the United Nations this

declaration of peace and freedom

The members of the United Nations declare that they will work together to:

Enable the peoples to live in peace under economic and social systems of their own choice, free from aggression, from externally-directed subversion of their national independence, and from propaganda inciting them to hatred of other nations,
Affirm the dignity of man through observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Utilize the world’s resources for the raising of standards of living everywhere through economic development,
Remove the barriers to friendly intercourse among peoples and free communication of ideas,
Regulate and reduce all armaments and armed forces under a United Nations system of control and inspection; and make possible the prohibition and elimination of atomic weapons under a United Nations system which will provide dependable safeguards that atomic energy will be developed for peaceful purposes only.