IO Files: US/A/C.1/2154

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Ward P. Allen of the United States Delegation Advisory Staff


Mr. Parrott1 handed me the draft of a substitute for the Soviet Resolution set forth below prepared by Mr. Dennis Laskey of the UK Delegation. The draft has not yet been considered by the UK Delegation, but Mr. Parrott desired to keep us apprised of the thinking of the UK Delegation staff on this matter. We did not have any opportunity to discuss the draft, but agreed to do so Tuesday.

The General Assembly

Profoundly concerned by the state of tension prevailing in the world, by the aggression of North Korea against the Republic of Korea and by the threat of aggression elsewhere;

Conscious of the longing of all the peoples of the world to live in peace and security;

Confident that if all Governments faithfully reflect the desires of their peoples a world order can be established which will ensure peace and security and the economic and social progress of mankind;

Convinced that the peace of the world is indissolubly linked with the freedom and dignity of the individual;

Proclaims on behalf of the peoples of the United Nations this

declaration of peace and freedom

The member states of the United Nations pledge themselves to:

refrain from perverting the universal longing for peace and security to serve selfish political aims
respect in all their acts and policies the freedom and dignity of the individual
guarantee to all their peoples freedom of thought and speech including the peaceful expression of political opposition
preserve all their peoples from the fear of arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, from subjection to a secret police and the threat of the concentration camp
promote the social and economic well-being of the peoples of the world and cooperate to this end in the work of the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies
encourage friendship and understanding between the peoples of their countries, promote freedom of movement and travel and remove restrictions on the free exchange of information and communication of ideas
demonstrate by deeds as well as words the sincerity of their desire to abide by the principles of the Charter and to maintain world peace and security.”
  1. C. C. Parrott, Deputy Adviser to the British Delegation.