The Ambassador in Panama ( Hines ) to the Secretary of State

No. 461

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Embassy’s despatches No. 57, November 9, 1945,24 and No. 97, November 15, 1945,25 and to enclose texts in Spanish and translation thereof of memoranda from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the revision of the articles of the proposed constitution relating to the jurisdiction of the air above the Panama Canal and the teaching of English in schools in the Republic of Panamá.

The Department will observe that Article 3 of the proposed constitution relating to the jurisdiction over the air space above the Republic of Panamá has been amended by the addition of a clause recognizing the “jurisdictional limitations stipulated in Public Treaties prior to this Constitution”. This should remove any doubt as to the jurisdiction of the Government of the United States over the air above the [Page 1239] Panama Canal and/or any other territory in the Republic of Panamá the acquisition of which has been mutually agreed upon by the Republic of Panamá and the United States under the provisions of the Treaties of 190326 and 1936.

Article 74 of the proposed constitution has been revised to permit the teaching of a foreign language with the permission of the Ministry of Education. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Education have assured the Embassy that there will be no interference with the teaching of English in the schools in New Cristobal.

Copies of this despatch are being sent to General Crittenberger and Governor Mehaffey.

Respectfully yours,

Frank T. Hines
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