710 Consultation 4/8–3145: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Berle )

2220. Your 2680, Aug 27, and 2746, August 31.5 Expect to complete within few days basic policy statement6 concerning content of treaty to be drafted at Rio de Janeiro Conference. Following approval of document by appropriate authorities we plan to submit it through you to Brazilian Government about September 19 and to other American governments a few days later.

It has been intimated to us by some of the Latin American Ambassadors here that informal discussions should be held in Washington on content of treaty. We are favorable to this idea and believe it would be very desirable if Velloso would ask Martins7 on his return to head up such discussions with a view to reaching maximum agreement before the Conference meets.

Please explain informally to Velloso procedure suggested above and ascertain whether he would agree to the proposal for Washington conversations under leadership of Martins as representative of host government of the Conference.8 You should emphasize that these conversations would be informal and intended to facilitate work at the Conference itself.

Expect meeting of Pan American Union Governing Board September 13 will approve confining agenda of Conference to conclusion of treaty. Dept strongly agrees with Brazilian view that no other items should be placed on agenda.

  1. Neither printed.
  2. See infra.
  3. Carlos Martins, Brazilian Ambassador to the United States.
  4. Ambassador Berle, in telegram 2875, September 13, 1945, 7 p.m., reported that the Brazilian Government approved (710 Consultation 4/9–1345).