817.001 Somoza Anastasio/11–3045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Nicaragua ( Warren )

459. If Dept correctly interprets President Somoza’s message contained urtel 760, November 29, he implies that Dept could accept his “offer” to renounce his reelection candidacy.

Nicaragua is a free and sovereign nation and must be responsible for the conduct of its own affairs. As President Somoza will of course understand, in the light of our well-known policy and our treaty commitments not to intervene unilaterally in the domestic affairs of any Govt, this Govt would not entertain such an “offer” for one moment. While President Somoza may wish, in reaching his decision, to take cognizance also of our announced view concerning Govts resting on popular will freely and periodically expressed, the decision in the matter must be exclusively his.

Please convey foregoing urgently to Somoza.