817.00/8–745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Nicaragua ( Warren )

288. Personal for the Ambassador from Rockefeller.36 In a conversation with Ambassador Sevilla-Sacasa on August 1, I informed him that I wished to discuss with his permission on entirely personal basis a matter of some delicacy. I then told him of recent reports which had reached us to the effect that President Somoza was contemplating standing for election despite constitutional provisions to the contrary. I stated that I well understood the President’s patriotism and desire to serve his country and the Americas, making mention and acknowledging with appreciation the wholehearted support which Somoza and the Nicaraguan Govt had given during the war and the [Page 1214] various international conferences. I pointed out that it was necessary to take cognizance of important trends in the world today, suggesting that should Somoza run for reelection37 it might create difficulties for him, would seriously affect relations between the two countries and might result in a loss of confidence by American opinion in the general development of domocracy in the Americas. I continued that if Somoza stood by the position that he was not a candidate, which had won him such acclaim, I believed it would have tremendous effect both in Nicaragua and throughout the Americas and would be a great credit to him. Ambassador Sevilla-Sacasa was most appreciative and thanked me for my frankness and friendly interest. He stated that he would transmit the substance of the conversation to President Somoza and suggested that you might have a similar private conversation with the President. He has since shown me a telegram which he has sent to Somoza reporting our conversation essentially as set forth above and informing the President that he might expect a call from you.

I should appreciate it if you would see President Somoza unofficially and personally inform him of my views. It should be emphasized that these views are entirely personal ones and are not intended as an official statement. [Rockefeller.]

  1. Assistant Secretary of State Nelson A. Rockefeller.
  2. Elections were scheduled for February 1947.