817.796/11–945: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Nicaragua ( Warren )

A–321. Re Department’s telegram 415, October 31.34 General policy of Dept is to interpose no objection to sale to other American Republics of commercial and non-military type planes (including primary and basic trainers) which are in free surplus supply. Department can withhold such planes from Nicaragua on temporary basis in view political considerations and electoral campaign but notes latter will continue until February 1947. Department does not consider it either desirable or practicable to refuse permit sale or delivery such planes to Nicaragua alone on such a long-term basis, particularly since they are being currently released to Honduras and other countries.

In view foregoing considerations, Department would like your comments and recommendations on political desirability releasing such planes to Nicaragua now that Liberal primary election held, or in near future, emphasizing that nothing herein refers tactical types.

  1. Not printed.