817.24/10–2645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Nicaragua (Warren) to the Secretary of State

632. The Acting Chief of the US Military Mission to Nicaragua has received the following message dated Oct 16, from Commanding General of the Caribbean Defense Command:

“Latest changes in regulations now permit the sale for cash to Latin American countries of replacement parts only for lend-lease equipment [Page 1209] now in hands of said countries providing availability will allow delivery prior to 2 March, 1946. Suggest that you coordinate with US Ambassador and that officials of local govt be advised to take action through their authorized purchasing representatives in the US. Such limited spare parts as may be available here will be furnished on request to this headquarters. All requisitions must include the statement (signed by a proper official of the requisitioning govt): ‘It is agreed that cash payment will be made upon presentation of a bill by the US Govt.’ The Acting Chief is prepared to recommend that all requisitions for non-military replacement parts be readily approved provided that the items for which the parts are to be used be listed by proper nomenclature. Replacement parts for military equipment be limited to those parts that are absolutely essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of the equipment received under lend-lease.”

Normally his recommendation would receive my full approval. However, I have pointed out to him the uncertain political situation existing today and have requested him to refrain from informing the Nicaraguan authorities of the receipt of the message quoted. The Acting Chief and I agree that it is better to wait until the situation clears before the Nicaraguan authorities are informed.

The Caribbean Defense Command has not been informed that the information mentioned is being withheld from the Nicaraguan authorities.