812.504/9–1445: Airgram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith ) to the Secretary of State

A–2709. Reference MacLean’s conversation on September 13 with O’Donoghue re increasing total of Mexican workers being repatriated if they were transported by vessel to Tampico.

After discussion of question with competent authorities, Embassy is able to state that Mexican National lines can not handle any number of repatriates in excess of 20,900 monthly. Even though these workers were transported to Tampico or other ports by vessel, they would still have to be brought to interior of Republic and strain on National lines would be same as though they were brought to Mexico via Laredo or El Paso. In other words, equipment and rolling stock directed to Tampico or other ports for purpose indicated would have to be taken from Laredo or El Paso runs with consequent reduction in equipment available for the return of Mexican workers from those ports of entry.