811.504 Mexico/8–2345: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith ) to the Secretary of State

1027. Local representative War Manpower Commission informs he has received orders to discontinue recruiting Mexican railway workers under agreement of April 29, 1943 and indicating program is at an end.

Counselor of Embassy55 was today informed by the Oficial Mayor of Foreign Office of Mexican Government’s grave concern over the prospect of the abrupt termination of War Manpower Commission activities here. He said that Mexican Government, at specific request of War Manpower Commission and War Food Administration, had concentrated up to 11,000 workers in various districts for recruiting, and that to return them to their home areas would cause difficulties, possible riots and embarrassment to the Government. Oficial Mayor pointed out that first paragraph general provisions of agreement of April 29 provided for 90 days notice of termination thereof and was specifically designed to avoid situations such as present one.

While I appreciate fully motives impelling discontinuance of recruiting activities, I nevertheless feel compelled to point out that the precipitate action being taken by War Manpower Commission is not in accord with the collaborative spirit which animated the execution of the agreement; and I feel that we should take steps to contract as many workers as possible of those now assembled so as to avoid creating difficulties for the Government; more especially since the concentration of these workers has been undertaken at request of War Manpower Commission.

I should appreciate this matter being taken up with the War Manpower Commission as strongly and as soon as possible.

  1. Raymond H. Geist.