811.504 Mexico/1–2345

The Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith) to the Secretary of State

No. 22,653

Dear Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department that while I was in the Ministry of Foreign Relations yesterday having a long talk with the Minister for Foreign Relations, Dr. Padilla, on various matters, he received a call from the Minister of Labor.48 After this call Dr. Padilla informed me that Mr. Padilla Nervo was in Washington. He is the Oficial Mayor of the Department of Labor. Dr. Padilla said that while he was in Washington, the War Manpower Commission had taken up with Mr. Padilla Nervo the need of our Government for 50,000 additional workers from Mexico, over the number permitted under existing agreements, largely for work on the railways and in foundries.

Dr. Padilla said that this matter had been taken up with the President of Mexico49 who had indicated to him that the Mexican Government was disposed to permit the enrollment of an additional 50,000 workers above those covered by existing authorizations. He said that the President of Mexico had indicated his willingness to do this as he realized the importance of the contribution which these workers could make to the war effort in the United States and for the need of such workers due to the manpower situation in the United States. The President wished to do this as a further indication of the desire of Mexico to collaborate as fully as possible in the war effort and all related with it. The Minister went on to say that the telephone call which he had just received from the Minister of Labor was to the effect that the President had communicated to him his decision in this matter and that the Minister of Labor had indicated his accord and his willingness to go through with the enrollment of 50,000 more workers above existing arrangements. Dr. Padilla said that he was very glad to be able to make this communication to me.

I expressed appreciation to the Minister and said that I had had no knowledge of this request as it had obviously been made by the [Page 1143] War Manpower Commission directly to Mr. Padilla Nervo. I said, however, that I was sure that this additional indication of the collaboration of the Mexican Government was properly appreciated by my Government.

Respectfully yours,

George S. Messersmith
  1. Francisco Trujillo Gurria.
  2. Manuel Avila Camacho.