The Mexican Ambassador (Espinosa de los Mouteros) to the Secretary of State


Your Excellency: At the suggestion of His Excellency the United States Ambassador to Mexico, my Government held in that city, in March, 1945, joint staff conversations between representatives of the armed forces of our two countries.

The Mexican Military representatives were in complete accord with the principles presented by the United States representatives, which sought to unify the armed forces of the American Republics in regards to equipment, organization and training. Your Excellency’s Government offered to assist on the matter and if practicable to supply equipment from surpluses available at the termination of the war. My Government is in the process of reorganizing its armed forces, to carry out the principles of unified organization referred to above.

As the first increment of what it is hoped to obtain from the United States, application is hereby made to purchase, through Surplus Property channels, equipment for the following:

Three (3) Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadrons, mechanized (other than Armored Divisions) T/O amp; E31 2–25.

The Department of National Defense of Mexico has set aside the funds which it estimates will be necessary for the purchase of this equipment, and I am informed that same can be made available by the Department of War, as soon as it is authorized to do so.

I avail myself [etc.]

Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros
  1. Tables of Organization and Equipment.