The Ecuadoran Ambassador (Galo Plaza) to the Secretary of State


Excellency: I have the honor to address Your Excellency under instructions from my Government, and to request your valuable cooperation to the end that the Government of the United States of America may consent to provide Ecuador with the necessary technical experts for the operation of the signal tower of the Salinas military base.

It happens that the Salinas military base will shortly be turned over by the American authorities to the Ecuadoran authorities, for which reason the Government of Ecuador, desirous of keeping that base in the best condition possible, is interested in having the necessary technical personnel for the operation of the signal tower. The presence of the technicians would be required only for the period necessary to train properly the Ecuadoran personnel that will take their place.

I wish to thank Your Excellency in advance for such attention as you may deem fit to accord this note,75 and I avail myself [etc.].

Galo Plaza
  1. In a reply of January 30, 1946, the Department informed the Ecuadoran Ambassador that the War Department was agreeable to leaving 20 men at the Salinas base only so long as needed and only for the purpose of training Ecuadorans in tower control, communications operations, and maintenance (811.24522/1–3046).