811.24522/11–2945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Ecuador ( Scotten )

702. Matter of Salinas base has been further discussed with representatives War and Navy Departments. You may inform the Foreign Minister in effect as follows re your telegram 833 November 29:70

Salinas base will be turned over to Ecuadoran Government; as soon as War Department completes plans Ecuadoran Government will be informed of definite date. In this connection a ceremony is suggested at which the American flag would be replaced by the Ecuadoran and speeches made emphasizing the beneficial results of our joint collaboration in hemisphere defense.
With regard to the Ecuadoran request that certain equipment, beyond that specified in the agreement, be left for the use of the Ecuadoran Government, the War Department points out that some is highly technical and would be of limited value unless Ecuadoran personnel had been adequately trained. We are prepared, should the Ecuadoran Government so request, to recommend to the War Department that the latter leave at Salinas for the time being a small number (not exceeding 15 or 20) of technical personnel for training purposes and to assist Ecuador to maintain base as a functioning unit.
As Ecuador is aware base represents a considerable investment of potential continuing value to hemisphere defense. This Government would therefore welcome a declaration by Ecuador that base will be maintained as well as an agreement giving this Government transit rights and rights of technical stop for its service aircraft which rights, would be on a reciprocal basis.

Please discuss the foregoing with the Foreign Minister and report his views by cable.

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