810.20 Defense/7–1345

The Ambassador in Ecuador ( Scotten ) to the Secretary of State

No. 3249

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s telegram No. 399 of June 28, 7:00 p.m.,35 requesting a summary of the report rendered on the Bi-Lateral Staff Conversations held between the United States and Ecuadoran Military and Naval officers in Quito, March 15 to 24, 1945.

A copy of the report under discussion was furnished to the Embassy under cover of a letter from Headquarters, Caribbean Defense Command, Office of the Commanding General, dated April 27, 1945. It consisted of thirty-five dossiers containing approximately 227 typewritten sheets, together with a number of pamphlets and maps. The principal conclusions and recommendations were condensed and mostly are contained in the dossiers entitled “Covering Letters” and “Covering Report”. The other exhibits bring out the salient points and discuss the conclusions and recommendations in somewhat more detail.

There is attached hereto a summary36 of the salient points, conclusions and recommendations made in the report prepared by Counselor of Embassy George P. Shaw. The summary contains the entire text of the Covering Letters, the gist of the Covering Report, and briefs of Exhibits “A” to “J” inclusive. The twenty-three enclosures to the exhibits mentioned have not been discussed as they contain only supporting details, tabulated data and references.

It is believed that the attached summary will furnish the Department with all of the essential information necessary for an intelligent [Page 1014] discussion of the conversations. However, should the Department deem it essential to have a copy of the complete report in its files, one can be prepared in about three days’ time by devoting the available stenographic staff of the Embassy and the Military and Naval Attachés to this work. It is not contemplated to send the complete text of the report to the Department at this time unless it is specifically requested. It is understood that a complete copy of the report is on file with the Military Intelligence Service of the Army in Washington which eventually should become available to the Department for reference.

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador:
Geo. P. Shaw

Gownselor of Embassy
  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed. The recommendations were that Ecuadoran ground forces be established and equipped according to United States standards to the extent of one infantry battalion combat team, that some thirty aircraft of varying types be provided, and that training in the United States be made available for a number of Ecuadoran military men. In the matter of naval defense, United States officers recommended the provision of an armed tug or minesweeper, and a small naval station at Salinas. Ecuador agreed to supply information on defense matters, use United States training techniques, and equip their defense units with United States weapons. (810.20 Defense/7–1345)