Memorandum by Mr. Henry Dearborn of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs31

In a conversation with the Ecuadoran Minister of Economy, Ambassador Scotten informed him in effect, that he (the Ambassador) felt that the disinclination of the Export-Import Bank to discuss new credits would tend to be overcome once the Galápagos matter was settled. He added that when a mutual security pact was signed, giving the United States long term rights in the Galápagos, the relations between the two countries would be placed on an entirely different basis and there would be a much better disposition both on the part of the Department and the American Congress to assist Ecuador. The Ambassador reminded Minister Laso that he was speaking unofficially.

The Minister showed himself to be “intensely interested”.

H. Dearborn
  1. Addressed to the Chief of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs (Wright) and to the Director, Office of American Republic Affairs (Warren).