710 Conference (W & PW)/2–2345: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

236. For the Acting Secretary only from Secretary Stettinius. Will you be good enough to have the map room88 send the following message to the President89 as from me:

“In plenary session this afternoon, there were several commendatory references to the United States. Padilla said the United States should be given homage of gratitude as it had borne the greatest burden of the war. The Uruguayan Foreign Minister90 paid a tribute to you which was soundly applauded. My reference to you in the opening of my talk and also a statement I made as to how greatly the success of the Crimea Conference91 was due to you were enthusiastically received. You received a great tribute. The Conference is off to a good start.”

  1. Communications and files center at the White House.
  2. The President was at sea returning from the Yalta Conference.
  3. Presumably the former Foreign Minister, Jacobo Varela.
  4. For documentation on the Yalta Conference, see Foreign Relations, The Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945.