837.61351/12–1345: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba (Norweb)

695. No sugar meeting held December 12. At today’s session, the last, Wilson stated that regarding issues hitherto not agreed upon the U. S. position must be:

No alcohol purchase.
No stabilization agreement.
No increase in U.S. importation of refined.
Only one year purchase of blackstrap.

Wilson added that agencies here would prepare a letter regarding “future guarantees” for presentation to Cuban Mission upon its return to Washington.

Amounts for local consumption and free export were not agreed upon and are subject to further discussion.

Text of press release follows.8

  1. The Department of Agriculture, in a press release issued December 14, stated that the December discussions had been devoted to the problems revealed in the October exchange of memoranda and that an agreement was expected to be reached when the meetings resumed in Washington after the first of the year.