837.61351/11–145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba (Norweb)

635. ReDeptel 630, Oct 30, 5 p.m. At the fourth sugar meeting on Oct 31 Cubans rejected US revised proposal of previous day, suggesting that discussions be suspended until both Govts have opportunity for consultation with each other.

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Both Seiglie and Mañas stated emphatically Cuban Commission could not return to Habana with a one-year contract plus vague assurances for the future. Possibility of two crop purchase was hinted at by Mañas.

Subsequent to joint meeting Wilson indicated he will consult with Secretary Anderson3 upon latter’s return from Quebec concerning possible two-year purchase. Wilson considers it likely that US Congressional Committees will have to be consulted before commitment of longer than one year can be made with Cubans.

At Nov 1 meeting Wilson stated we are not in position to move forward in discussions. He suggested a temporary suspension until December 4 when meetings are to be resumed in Washington. Cubans depart at once. Agriculture is releasing press statement.

  1. Clinton P. Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture.