837.61351/6–1545: Telegram

The Chargé in Cuba (Wright) to the Secretary of State

403. At meeting today definite proposal was presented to Cubans along following lines: Purchase entire 1946 sugar crop except 250,000 short tons for local consumption and 50,000 short tons for sales to other countries at 3.45 equivalent to new Puerto Rican price less duty and sugar act payment. It was made clear contract could contain no mention of Puerto Rico. Cuba would also get benefit on unimported balance if duty should be reduced pursuant to subsequent legislation. Price stabilization same as 1945 contract but without special subsidy on wheat flour. If Cubans accept sugar offer, we would continue alcohol and molasses purchase on same general lines as 1945.

Cubans now considering proposal. Next meeting Monday. Details by air. Inform Parisius81 FEA and CCC.

  1. Herbert W. Parisius, Director of the Office of Food Programs, Foreign Economic Administration.