818.51/2–1645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

100. Minister of Finance16 told me yesterday afternoon that Government will shortly introduce projects of law for financial reforms to Congress (probably by the middle of March) and that all political parties will approve financial reform since it is realized that if constructive action is not taken the Government and country would be in danger of disintegration. He added that in order to show its good faith the Government must secure the passage of the proposed legislation as soon as possible.

The projects of law taken by Soto Harrison to Washington17 are now in hands of a committee composed of former Ministers of Finance who are said to be making changes of a technical nature. Leading bankers have been consulted. The Embassy will be given the amended projects as soon as they take final form.

Please cable me whether drafts presented by Soto Harrison in Washington meet the approval of Department, Ness and Warren Pierson and what changes if any are suggested.18

  1. Costa Rican Minister of Finance, Alvaro Bonilla Lara.
  2. Fernando Soto Harrison, Costa Rican Minister of Interior (Gobernación), visited Washington earlier in the month on a confidential mission designed to improve the financial situation in his country.
  3. In airgram 160, March 5, 1945, the Acting Secretary of State replied that no drafts had been presented to the Department, and that in any case it would deem it improper to express an opinion on proposed foreign internal legislation (818.–51/2–1645).