811.244/3–1345: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia ( Wiley )

292. The following is sent at the request of the Office of the Quartermaster General:

“Regarding 500,000 bags of coffee, contractors are having great difficulty in arriving at prices with Federation. Army agreed and expects to pay equivalent of ceiling prices. Office of Price Administration requires deduction of the following charges, basis December 6, 1941: cash discount, ocean freight, marine and war risk insurance, 1% loss in weight which includes weighing charge. These deductions are mandatory to arrive at legal ceiling prices f.o.b. seaboard. Please impress on Colombian authorities and the Federation that the Army can not exceed ceiling prices less deductions cited and that it is very anxious to settle price question in order to begin moving coffee. Colombian authorities should also be informed that ceiling prices are for the best excelso quality and that the Army is depending upon the Federation to deliver only such qualities as will meet the OPA quality specifications.”

[Page 878]

Embassy is authorized to comply with the foregoing request. Army is in urgent need for coffee. Immediate action is therefore necessary. Please report by telegraph.