740.21112 RP/7–745: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia ( Wiley ) to the Secretary of State

902. As a result of my last interviews with the Pres. and Lleras Camargo a conference was arranged for me and members of my staff [Page 867] with Min Finance Santamaria to discuss the replacement program and repatriation of Germans. The Minister admitted that all of the previous laws and resolutions previously passed to expropriate German firms had served absolutely nothing as the Attorney General and others had found legal obstacles in their application. He said he was ready to draw up at once a new project of law which would surmount these obstacles and expressed great optimism that Congress would pass whatever legislation was required during the July session.

The Minister requested an up-to-date list of all of the firms recommended by the Emb for expropriation with details on how the Emb considered they should be liquidated or operated after expropriation. This information would be supplied the Minister next week. The Minister said that the only firm of real importance to Colombia was Bhering51 which manufactured cattle serums essential for livestock raisers. It is evident that the liquidation of this firm will be difficult to obtain without suitable American replacement.

Upon being informed of the desire of the US that all dangerous Germans be repatriated, the Minister indicated that the more promptly this could be done before problems of a financial nature became difficult the more welcome this solution might be.

However, in every conversation we have with Col. officials on this subject, Mexico is mentioned. It would be very helpful for the Emb to have some background information on what happened there and for what reasons.

  1. The pharmaceutical firm, Instituto Behring de Terapentica Experimental, Ltda.