Memorandum by Mr. Rollin S. Atwood of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs to Mr. John C. McClintock, Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State

The replacement (liquidation) of spearhead firms in Colombia has apparently reached a stalemate. All necessary legislation to liquidate has been passed by the Colombian government. Four unimportant firms have been liquidated. Decrees have been issued, although pigeonholed, to liquidate six additional firms. Eleven more, including the important firms, remain under fiduciary administration which is not considered by this government as a satisfactory control.

The deletion of Proclaimed List persons and firms is being delayed pending action on the part of the Colombian government with regard to the liquidation of the spearhead firms. It is the general opinion that the Colombian government, even if urged, is not apt to take any immediate drastic action due to unsettled political conditions.


Reduce the Proclaimed List to an absolute minimum (spearhead firms and those closely related to them) regardless of whether the Colombian government takes action on spearhead firms. Then hold the list unchanged until the Colombian government takes action or until all lists are abolished (probably within one year).
Delete the names of persons and firms of lesser importance, particularly when sanctions are but slightly effective thereby decreasing the prestige of the List, and hold the remainder on the List until action is taken or all Lists are abolished.
Keep the List at its present disproportionate size until the Colombian government takes effective action with regard to spearhead firms.


1. NWC43 feels that the second alternative is most feasible.

  1. Division of North and West Coast Affairs.