821.30 Missions/11–2145: Telegram

The Chargé in Colombia ( Lockett ) to the Secretary of State

1399. For Ambassador Wiley. In conversation with Minister Tamayo today I told him there seems to be some difference in ideas concerning continuation of present naval mission and the form which a new military mission should take. He reiterated his ideas as expressed in Embassy’s telegram 1387, Nov 1925 but said that since some different opinions had been expressed he would immediately confer with President Lleras and inform me definitely of his views. After his conversation with President Lleras he telephoned and said that President is willing to continue present naval agreement until new mission is decided upon, provided present personnel of mission is [Page 857] changed. I inquired if he meant only Capt Ashley26 and he replied all personnel of mission should be changed. However Tamayo stated that the request for change should not imply any criticism of Capt Ashley. Relative to form of new mission Tamayo said that President prefers a single chief with three branches of services under him; however, if this is impossible under our setup he will consider three separate missions. After receiving foregoing information Tamayo phoned again to say that President Lleras had just talked to Ambassador Santamaria and as the latter informed the President that it would be impossible to obtain a unified mission under a single chief the President had decided to accept the idea of three separate missions.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Capt. John Ashley, head of the naval mission.