710 Conference W and PW/2–845

Memorandum Supplementary to Memorandum No. 4 by Mr. William Sanders, a Technical Officer of the Delegation

Non-intervention, the Estrada Doctrine and Democracy

In a telephone conversation on other matters today, Friday, February 9, with Lic. García Robles, it was confirmed that the information contained under item 7, page 4, of Political Memorandum No. 459 is correct. The thought, apparently, is to “consecrate the juridical principle of collective intervention,” through the application of a procedure similar to that of CPD Resolution XXII,60 for the purpose of determining whether a new government is loyal to democratic principles. There would be a period of delay in the establishment of diplomatic relations, during which there would be a species of provisional acceptance of the new government and during which the other governments would consult and exchange information. Diplomatic relations would or would not be “continued” or established with the new government, depending on the findings as to its democratic inclinations.

Strengthening the Inter-American System

Lic. García Robles also clarified, with respect to Item 3(b), page 3, of Political Memorandum No. 4, that the contemplated resolution would simply provide that the governments and the Juridical Committee study the possibility of strengthening the system on the basis [Page 96] of the principle that the rotating Governing Board or general Counsel of the system should have power to consider “any question which affects the peace, the solidarity and the general welfare” of the American Republics. He stated that this formula was an amalgamation of similar provisions in the statutes of the League of Nations, the Dumbarton Oaks Proposals and other projects on world organization.

The governments would determine, presumably at the Bogotá Conference, whether the Governing Board would have a direct participation in the settlement of disputes or whether that function should be left entirely to the improved and integrated system for the pacific settlement of disputes.

W. S[anders]
  1. Supra.
  2. For text of this resolution, see Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense, Second Annual Report (Montevideo, 1944), p. 79.